Imagine a community...

Where conflict is seen as an opportunity.

Where people in conflict regularly seek a constructive forum for resolving differences.

Where schools teach children effective communication skills.

Where everyone can use mediation regardless of economic circumstances.

Where people who harm others have the opportunity to make things as right as possible through a "restorative" justice process.

Where constructive, creative problem solving is used as a first resort to reach agreements, repair relationships and build community.

Imagine this is our community.



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Answer these 7 quick questions to see if mediation is right for you.

Transform conflict in your home, workplace, school and in your community into connection. Learn skills to resolve conflict constructively and peacefully.

Volunteer opportunities to mediate in the community or facilitate Restorative Justice circle conferences with juvenile offenders, victims and others affected by crime.

All donations are greatly appreciated, not just for the financial support, but for the community support you are demonstrating by sending us a contribution.

Mission Statement

We are committed to the development of community-based, non-adversarial responses to conflict and differences that strengthen social harmony and support individual healing. We serve the communities of Santa Barbara County by providing: compassionate communication, appropriate dispute resolution and problem solving practices, Restorative Justice, consultation, training, and mediation services.